Our mission, through professional speaking, training and coaching, is to transform people’s lives into ones of conscious living and self-care, high level wellness emotionally, physically and spiritually, and optimal professional and personal performance. 

Our Purpose / Mission

Susan Eisner's Certifications:

From Susan: "Why Do I Do What I Do?"

"I love getting up in front of a room and connecting with my audiences about deep, sometimes scary topics people don't always want to discuss.

I’m passionate about these topics personally and professionally. It all started in an elective graduate school class at Temple University on Stress Management. Week after week we sprawled out on large, red blankets on the floor and practiced meditation and relaxation techniques. I was so relaxed I could barely drive home. That class was one of those life changing experiences that led me to doing and teaching this work. It started out as self-care on a physical level, and has become a deep exploration of our emotions that impact our bodies and overall health.  

I'm known for being down-to-earth and honest. I have a knack for getting people to do the same. A seminar participant said, “Wow, I never shared that about myself anywhere else. It was great!” I hear this often.

My goal is to get people to really love themselves - and to know what that actually means on a practical level - so that they'll take better care of themselves because they value themselves. So we talk a lot about where you want to go, what's blocking you internally and externally from getting there, getting over those humps, and moving you into healing and health.

I hope to see you in my upcoming workshops or coaching sessions!"



Susan Eisner, MPH, CASAC

Certified Social Work Continuing Education Provider, NYSED

Certified Case Manager Continuing Education Provider, CCMC
Certified Education & Training Provider in Addictions, OASAS

Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC)
Certified Anger Management Professional
Certified Visionary Leadership Coach
Train the Trainer I Certification
Stress Management Corporate Training Program Certification